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Until the publication of TCRP Web Document 6, Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual (TCQSM), First Edition, the transportation profession lacked a consolidated set of transit capacity and quality of service definitions, principles, practices, and procedures for planning, designing, and operating vehicles and facilities. Following the publication of the First Edition in 1999, this site was set up by the research project team to gather user feedback which was used to develop an enhanced Second Edition.

The Second Edition has now been completed and was published as TCRP Report 100. As a result, this web site will no longer be updated. Future updates of the TCQSM will be the responsibility of a new TRB Committee on Transit Capacity and Quality of Service. This committee has established a web site to gather user feedback on the Second Edition, to discuss transit capacity and quality of service issues, and to provide information about committee activities.

Click here to visit the committee website.

Training Opportunities

The National Transit Institute offers a three-day course based on the TCQSM.



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